30% Increase in Leads for Summa Health Achieved with MoreVisibility PPC Campaigns


  • 30% Increase in Leads YoY
  • 21.6% Increase in Clicks to the Site YoY
  • 31% Increase in New Users YoY


Summa Health (http://www.summahealth.org/) is one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in Ohio. Summa Health is a patient-centered population health management organization that provides integrated and coordinated care and a superior experience for the people of Northeast Ohio. Formed in 1989 with the merger of Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals, this nonprofit system now encompasses a network of:

  •  Hospitals
  •  Community-based health centers
  •  A health plan (SummaCare)
  •  A multi-specialty group practice
  •  An entrepreneurial entity
  •  Research and medical education
  •  Multiple foundations

Summa is nationally recognized for exceptional patient care and is a model of excellence and an international resource for the study of geriatric medicine and hospice and palliative care. The organization offers exceptional approaches to healthcare delivery through multiple operating entities.

Summa serves more than one million patients each year in comprehensive acute, critical, emergency, outpatient and long-term/home care settings.


In early April 2016, MoreVisibility and Summa Health, a large hospital system in Central Ohio, partnered to improve the client’s Paid Search campaigns. The goals were to:

  •  Improve campaign efficiency
  •  Reach qualified patients in Northeast Ohio area with Summa Health’s new messaging of improving the community with “Population Health”
  •  Increase visibility overall for Summa Health for qualified potential patients

The Solution: Campaign Audit & Restructure, New Campaign Strategies

The partnership began with thorough discovery and MoreVisibility conducting an extensive audit of the existing Summa Health AdWords campaigns. We found that Summa Health’s concerns about campaign inefficiencies were well founded. We identified that external competition had grown significantly in their market. Additionally, the current campaign structure and targeting resulted in inefficient budget allocation with limited visibility and expansion to grow their online presence.

MoreVisibility immediately recommended a brand new break-out and restructure for each service line for their paid search campaigns. This restructure would allow for:

  •  Proper budget allocation to top performing keywords
  •  Understanding and evaluating landing page performance
  •  Decreasing overall waste
  •  Agility in increasing visibility with top-performing service lines

MoreVisibility also recommended unified geo-targeting across all service lines & decrease/increase bids where necessary.

Campaign Results

As a result of the implementation of new account restructures across multiple service lines, Summa Health saw significant improvements in visibility, click volume, overall cost and more importantly, an increase in leads year over year.

When analyzing performance from April 2016-December 2016 the changes to the Summa Health campaigns resulted in more qualified conversions at a lower overall cost. The campaigns experienced the following results:

  •  30% Increase in Leads YoY
  •  19% Decrease in CPA YoY
  •  21.6% Increase of Clicks to the Site YoY
  •  54% Increase in Impressions YoY
  •  31% Increase in New Users YoY

Given that this improved structure gives us full visibility into which service lines are performing, MoreVisibility and Summa Health can strategically allocate ad budgets effectively across all service lines and be more efficient with the cost per acquisition. MoreVisibility continues to focus on driving the most traffic to the site in the most cost-effective manner. Additionally, adjusting bids according to performance continues to help us reach overall success metrics on a monthly basis. Summa Health has also added more service lines to advertise in paid search in 2017 trusting that our cost-effective strategies and responsible campaign management will continue to give them the most qualified reach and increased leads at the best CPA.

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