546% Increase in Conversions for Multi Image Group with AdWords Search Campaigns Strategy & Management by MoreVisibility


  • 546% increase in monthly qualified conversions
  • 85% decrease in CPL


Multi Image Group (http://mig.cc/) is an event production company, specializing in large-scale live events, creating digital content & exhibitions for some of the largest and most respected brands in the world. Their target audience is Business to Business: primarily event production partners for Fortune 500 companies.


Prior to partnering with MoreVisibility, MIG’s AdWords Search campaigns were averaging 3-4 conversions per month with an average CPL of approximately $1,200/lead. Upon our initial campaign audit and management takeover, MoreVisibility was able to achieve some quick wins with both budget and keyword optimizations focusing on improving overall quality score to achieve account efficiency. In the first 6 months of MoreVisibility’s campaign management, we were able to generate an average of 15 conversions / month, for less than $300 / lead. Ultimately, we saw a 300% increase in leads with less spend.

However, there was still a campaign challenge to consider: Although we were generating an increased number of leads for Multi Image Group, it was difficult to pre-qualify searchers before they submitted a request for information and became leads. In general, given their specific offerings, it is challenging for MIG to effectively create/display content that cohesively depicts the level and large scale of the events they produce. Bidding on keywords such as “corporate event company” did not allow for an easy way to capture MIG’s target audience, nor did it allow vetting out searchers looking for assistance with smaller-scale corporate events.

The Solution: Improved Ad Extensions & Search Strategy

In January 2017 we outlined a strategy to prequalify paid Search traffic through improved ad extensions, day parting, demographic exclusions, and landing page optimizations.

  •  Improved Ad Extensions: By adding more descriptive copy to the extensions, we could do a better job in helping the ideal MIG client self-identify, ultimately pre-qualifying the click. Updated callout extensions, structured snippets and review extensions were all included for increased prequalification.
  •  Day parting: Given the corporate audience, account data shows that weekdays and working hours are prime engagement times. Because of this, we used bid adjustments to reduce visibility outside standard working hours and increased bids to be more competitive during prime business hours.
  •  Demographic Exclusions: Although MIG had a solid grasp of who their target demographic was, our demographic exclusion efforts enhanced their insights and the data that was revealed certainly spoke for itself. In this instance, we saw a discrepancy between what age groups were generating clicks vs. conversions. The age group of 25-54 were generating the vast majority of conversions while the click allocation was more even. Due to this trend, we used bid modifiers to reduce visibility for users aged 18-24 and 55-65+.
  •  Landing Page Improvements: Creation of a landing page for AdWords campaign efforts was one of the first recommendations we made. Upon implementation, we saw vast improvements in lead quantity and quality. However, there were additional optimizations we recommended the team make to further increase the quality of leads.

Campaign Results

From January – April 2017, MoreVisibility drove a large increase in leads at a significantly reduced CPL. Comparing 2015 to early results in 2017, MIG’s campaigns have resulted in:

  •  85% decrease in CPL
  •  546% increase in monthly qualified conversions
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