Bonita Bay Group - Created a Conversion Orientated Landing Page & Increased Leads


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    Increased Leads

"We were thrilled to see 9 leads in only 15 days! It’s amazing how well the landing page works compared to the flash website with regard to lead generation. We are excited to see the results for our other communities."

Jennifer Laderer, Director of Strategic Marketing Bonita Bay Group


Bonita Bay Group, a leading Southwest Florida real estate developer, wanted to increase their leads for their prestigious Mediterra community in Naples, FL. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following objectives:

  • Design a landing page that would make the conversion process easier and more defined for the visitor.
  • Revise the keywords and ad copy in the Mediterra PPC Campaign to be reflective of the new landing page and drive more conversions.


  • MoreVisibility’s Designers created a landing page with the same look and feel of the community’s flash website. The flash website was very pretty and interactive, but it had a 6+ click conversion process. In order to simplify the conversion process, the designers implemented the “Request Information” form on the right hand side of the landing page, which in turn cut the conversion process down to only 2 clicks. In addition to the form, the landing page includes a bulleted list of the most important community features as well as enticing photos of the community.
  • MoreVisibility’s Paid Search Specialists evaluated the CPC traffic through proprietary tools and through Google Analytics to determine the keywords and ad copy that would best reflect the new landing page.


MoreVisibility successfully exceeded Bonita Bay Group’s goal for increasing leads by implementing the changes above. In the month of January 2009, the Flash website generated 0 leads for the Mediterra community. In the first 15 days after the changes were incorporated in February 2009, the Mediterra landing page generated 9+ leads for Bonita Bay Group.

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