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Google Organic Positions Improvement – Client Spotlight

“Working with MoreVisibility has not only increased the quantity of traffic to our site, but also the quality of traffic.  With a combination of their expertise in SEO and the amazing main and mobile websites they have designed for us, MoreVisibility has greatly increased our exposure and image on the internet,”

 Debra Janssen,’s Marketing Director

Capt Hiram’s is a fun, relaxed waterfront beach resort located in Sebastian Florida with a riverfront restaurant, Bahamian-style SandBar, Boatique gift shop, and marina nestled on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Capt Hiram’s first partnered with MoreVisibility in 2007 for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In early 2010, Capt Hiram’s team felt their website needed an updated, current look and feel. MoreVisibility began the process of redesigning the website, which launched in early October. The website was designed to be SEO friendly from the ground up. The objective in designing the new website was to ensure that they would show up in the organic results for their most important keywords and phrases. The Design and Development Team at MoreVisibility worked closely with MoreVisibility’s SEO Engineers to create a new website, one that was both aesthetically pleasing and SEO Friendly.


Both MoreVisibility and Capt Hiram’s were quite pleased to discover the impressive progress the company made in Google’s organic listings in a relatively short period of time.

Below is a sample of their position growth:

Keyword Phrase – Banquet Locations in Sebastian Florida went from position 8 to position 3.
Keyword Phrase – Free Entertainment went from position 47 to position 3.
Keyword Phrase – Sebastian Florida Shopping went from not being in the first 50 results to position 9.
Keyword Phrase – Sebastian Inlet Florida went from not being in the first 50 results to position 26.
Keyword Phrase – Sebastian Florida Area Information went from position 5 to position 4.
Keyword Phrase – Sebastian Florida Hotels went from position 3 to position 2.

Captain Hiram’s and MoreVisibility look forward to seeing continuous statistical improvements in the future, especially now that MoreVisibility has created a brand new onsite blog. This blog is slated to go live during the week of March 21st. Having an onsite blog affords websites the ability to have new and fresh content added on a regular basis. Search Engines love new content; therefore, the blog will only help to improve Capt. Hiram’s already improved organic presence.

Check back often to see what Capt. Hiram’s is up to. If you like music and are planning to be in the Sebastian, FL area, the music-packed Events Calendar is a must see for all of the current happenings!

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