Censeo - Testimonial from Jim Higgins, Vice President Sales & Marketing


  • PPC Increase
    New Client Acquisitions Doubled YoY
  • PPC Increase
    Consistent High Quality Sales Leads MoM


Censeo is a human resource consulting firm specializing in Internet based assessments and surveys.  Our web-based technologies make it easy and affordable to automate and provide 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, pre-employment skill assessments, and knowledge testing initiatives.

We engaged MoreVisibility in 2006, but previously had handled our PPC business in-house and paid little attention to SEO.

Censeo’s experience with MoreVisibility has been very positive from a couple perspectives. First, we have directly benefited by watching our natural rankings improve on several of the major search engines.  Second, we have learned a considerable amount about SEO Best Practices, which is extremely helpful with regard to Organic Search Results.  These are tactics we focus on closely, while undergoing any work to our website. Finally, like many organizations, Censeo’s marketing resources are limited.  It became increasingly difficult to effectively manage our own paid search campaign in-house, while still producing results and a return on investment. MoreVisibility manages all of our Cost Per Click / Paid Search advertising efforts, which allows us to focus on other high-priority marketing initiatives.


With MoreVisibility as our business partner, Censeo has consistently generated high quality sales leads each month. As a result, the number of new client acquisitions for Censeo has doubled each of the last three years.

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