Provident Bank – Testimonial from Brett Yeager, Internet Channel Sales Manager


  • Improved Quality & Relevance of Targeted Keywords
  • Improved Onsite User Experience

Provident Bank is the largest independent commercial bank headquartered in Maryland, with more than $6.4 billion in assets. We serve individuals and businesses in Greater Baltimore, Greater Washington and Central Virginia with a network of nearly 150 branches. 

Last year, after initiating a search for an SEO agency, Provident Bank partnered with MoreVisibility.  We were preparing to launch a new channel internally for Online Banking Services and wanted to ensure visibility through the Search Engines.

After some preliminary optimization work to the site, Provident decided to do a site redesign and engaged MoreVisibility to assist with optimization efforts during the development of this new version of the site.  The ability to have SEO consultation during this phase was invaluable, to avoid any roadblocks for optimization or extra work to the site down the road.


One of the biggest advantages we experienced from MoreVisibility’s “Site In Development” SEO program was the input and assistance on Keyword Research and Selection.  We had been selecting and targeting key phrases that were too narrow in the past, so their SEO Copywriters helped us to expand our reach with this new site.

Additionally, Provident felt very comfortable with the technical advice and recommendations MoreVisibility offered through the redesign process. The SEO Engineers partnered with our staff to help identify any potential challenges and work through them, where possible, prior to launch. We are also now doing some post-launch optimization work to further enhance the site’s organic results. These post-launch efforts also include ongoing link building from MoreVisibility.

“Our experience with MoreVisbility has been very positive and their involvement on our redesign project was very thorough.  They met all of our timelines and provided honest and valuable feedback both on our site-wide technology selections, including the CMS system, as well as the more granular page level details.  We look forward to continuing our relationship and tracking the progress and success this newly launched version of our site brings to Provident.”

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