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Speaking with Jean Harris - Director

Kovens Conference Center

Kovens Conference Center, located at Florida International University in Miami, FL, is an ideal venue for meetings, conferences and special events. Whether you need a meeting room, conference room, computer lab for computer training, banquet hall or ballroom for a special event, the beautiful state-of-the-art meeting rooms and attentive staff ensure that your event is a success.


To my knowledge, we did not have a defined Search Engine Marketing program prior to signing on with MoreVisibility in January of 2004. However, since then, we are very comfortable with our ROI and the performance of our online marketing campaigns. Not only have we seen an increase in traffic to our site, but we’ve seen an increase in traffic from markets that we’re targeting. What has also helped us is improving the use of relevant keywords on our site. I believe this improvement allows us to attract the type of visitors we’re looking for.

In addition, I must say that the client strategist who works with us at MoreVisibility is fantastic. She helps us stay within our targeted budget range and is very understanding of our needs. She constantly communicates with us and is consistent with following up. In fact, we recently did a wedding gallery and she suggested, without my having to ask, that we add that event to our marketing campaign. As a result, we experienced great success.

MoreVisibility has been instrumental with helping us achieve our online marketing goals and we’re very happy with our results.

Jean Harris,Director


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