JTE Enterprises, Inc. – Client Success Spotlight


  • Rank Has Improved By Over 100 Positions
  • Natural Results Increased

JTE Enterprises, Inc. is based in Tallahassee, Florida. They provide their customers with dependable, high-quality and affordable automatic gate openers and gate access controls.

The staff at JTE Enterprises, Inc. has over 20 years of hands-on experience and over 1 million products sold. They actually assisted GTO Pro, one of their main product manufacturers, with the development and production of their first automatic gate opener in 1987 and have continued to contribute to the production of the new gate openers and controls you see today.

Before coming to MoreVisibility, JTE Enterprises relied heavily on cost per click traffic to bring visitors to their site. Understanding that better Natural positions would relieve some of the financial dependency on CPC (and lower overall costs), they initiated an SEO program.


This improvement has not only increased the number of leads and sales he is getting monthly, but has also lowered his overall cost per acquisition, due to the fact that more of his audience is finding him via natural traffic. Moreover, JTE’s cost per click has gone down because his quality score has gone up. Essentially, he’s paying a lower dollar amount for better positions, which he attributes directly to his optimization efforts.

John stated that he couldn’t be happier with his results. The improvement of his site’s performance, coupled with the great relationship he has with his Client Strategist, makes it so that he would recommend MoreVisibility to anyone who wants to increase their online presence. “It’s the best investment we’ve ever made” he said, referring to his program. “You couldn’t have taken better care of us, here.”

Speaking with John Mitchell, President of JTE Enterprises, it was quickly evident that he is pleased with the results he is seeing from his optimization efforts. He happily announced that over the course of the last six months, his rank had improved in many cases by over 100 positions in Google. Specifically, he noted that his most important keyword, “gate openers” was initially on the 26th page of the search results, and now ranks at the top of the 5th. In addition, he observed that he is now seeing his site ranked for keywords that had not previously appeared in the natural results.

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