Premier Direct (Healthier YOU) - Client Success Spotlight


  • Traffic Increase
    Increased Website Traffic
  • Traffic Increase
    Improved Abandonment Rate
  • Traffic Increase
    Improved Conversion Rates

Speaking with Velma Ferguson at Premier Direct

Since 1995, Healthier YOU® operated by Premier Direct has offered a large selection of natural health products based on our customer’s specific needs. All Healthier YOU® supplements effectively combine the tried and true from Mother Nature with the very latest breakthroughs and advancements in nutritional science."

"Not realizing the full spectrum of Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization until engaging with MoreVisibility in June of 2007; we were facing challenges with regard to generating actual online sales. Over the past few months MoreVisibility has been providing SEO guidance, optimizing our PPC campaign, and helping to improve our customer’s online experience.v

"Being that we have only been working with MoreVisibility for a few months it’s very exciting how much it has affected our site’s performance. Not only have we received more traffic, but we have improved abandonment and conversion rates significantly.

"I have been very impressed with the level of service and attention my dedicated team at MoreVisibility has provided. They make us feel as if we we’re a part of the effort. In addition to sharing their expertise, they’ve always considered our suggestions, changes, and knowledge as steps towards the overall goal of increasing traffic and ROI."

Velma Ferguson, Premier Direct


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