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Speaking with Jeffrey Fahey, Art Director


SunWize Technologies, a leading solar electric power company, specializes in the manufacture of integrated solar power systems and the distribution of solar modules and components.

I first became familiar with MoreVisibility during a conference where I heard Andrew Wetzler, President, give a presentation on the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2000. I was very impressed with his lecture and he seemed to have all of the answers I was looking for. Initially our SEO was handled internally. But soon it became too time consuming so we partnered with MoreVisibility to maintain all of the SEO for our site.


We have been a client since November 2000 and over the years MoreVisibility has been great with helping to generate quality leads to our site. As a result we've experienced increased sales and have consistently maintained high search engine rankings. We've also been able to stay ahead of our competition.

MoreVisibility has delivered quality results. They've been effective with leading us through the ever changing market trends. The reports they provide, which keep us updated on our performance, are exceptional. In fact, we're so impressed that we've shifted a significant portion of our marketing budget to internet marketing.

I'd also like to mention that I'm particularly impressed with the client strategist who was assigned to us. She always keeps me informed of changes in the industry. She returns all calls and e-mails and she's extremely organized. She's patient and is able to explain technical information to me in laymen's terms. The changes that she has recommended, whether it's been for our pay-per-click campaigns, optimization changes, etc. have all been very useful for helping us maintain our top search engine positioning.

I'm very pleased with my relationship with MoreVisibility and look forward to our continued growth together.

Jeffrey Fahey, Art Director


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