Derek Weaver Company – Client Success Spotlight


  • Significant Increase in Traffic Flow
  • Improved Quality of Leads

Talking with Doug Marshall of Derek Weaver Company.

Derek Weaver Company, Inc., located in Fort Worth, Texas, has been selling shop lifts and equipment to those in the automotive and motorcycle industry since 1984.

Five years ago, they switched focus from being the middle man to being the manufacturer. They now produce high quality commercial-grade products and sell directly to consumers. Their Direct Lift product line ranks in the top 2 car lifts in the world. Being part of such a niche industry, they pride themselves on being able to accommodate the needs of both hobbyists and mega-sellers alike.

Before coming to MoreVisibility, Derek Weaver Company relied heavily on print ads and direct mail. Understanding the need to incorporate online advertising, they created a website to promote themselves. Doug Marshall stated that “We designed the site around our demographic. We wanted it to have that motorcycle / hot rod type of look and feel, so we chose designers that specialize in those kind of graphics. Then, we waited for the people to find us.” When the people didn’t come, they decided to get some outside help. They initiated a relationship with MoreVisibility in July 2005 after comparing multiple Search Engine Marketing companies.


Shortly after the program was initiated, Doug recognized a significant increase in traffic flow to the website. The increase led to a steady lift in sales… And although the increase continued as regular modifications were made, a new approach was taken about six months ago, in order to both fine-tune the focus of the campaign and to accelerate lead generation. It had exactly that effect. Doug stated that since the revamp sales have jumped. He also stated that “the quality of the leads has improved, and although there are not as many calls coming in, those that do are serious consumers close to the buying point.” He prefers it that way.

Doug said that he is very happy with his initiatives with MoreVisibility. He recognizes that niche industries are often difficult to advertise, but believes that his Client Strategist has a great understanding of what they do. That understanding is reflected through the performance of his campaigns and in the increased exposure the Derek Weaver Company has enjoyed since the relationship began.

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