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Speaking with Mary Kate Schneider, Director of Adoption at Family and Children’s Agency.

At FCA we believe that strong, stable families — all kinds of families, in all phases of life — are the heart of a caring community. Many of society's problems — such as child abuse and neglect, untreated mental illness, homelessness, and addiction — stem from a breakdown in the family system. Trained staff and volunteers in our many programs work to strengthen and stabilize families by building trusting relationships, focusing on solutions, and breaking that negative cycle.

We started working with MoreVisibility in January 2006 on the adoption services portion of the FCA site. Before then, the agency had a volunteer who did some top-level marketing for the site, including a paid campaign with Google, but it wasn’t managed consistently; we didn’t have the level of in-house expertise necessary to achieve our online marketing goals.

Once we realized that we needed an outside provider dedicated to marketing our website, we began interviewing several companies. MoreVisibility just stood out above the rest. The initial presentation, the follow-up, and the proficiency and knowledge that each staff member exhibited made us feel that we were in well-qualified hands.

"Working with MoreVisibility has tremendously increased traffic to the site and allowing us to reach more families and prospective clients. Our experience has been wonderful as a whole. We appreciate the level of attention and care the MoreVisibility staff provides – they are dedicated to helping us understand the processes and strategies necessary for our site to achieve better results. It’s wonderful to be with a company that’s so professional. It gives us peace of mind to know that we’re working with such a capable and knowledgeable team."

Mary Kate Schneider, Director of Adoption at Family and Children’s Agency.
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