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Speaking with Jerry Stinson - Marketing Services Supervisor/Senior Graphic Designer

Hamilton Company is a global enterprise with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland. We are the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of manual, semi-automated and robotic products for precision fluid measuring.

"Our online marketing efforts weren’t very well defined prior to our relationship with MoreVisibility. In fact, the results just fell wherever they landed. But after being with MoreVisibility since July of 2003, we’ve seen an increase in traffic to our site and have since dedicated more of our budget toward online marketing."

"MoreVisibility has helped us reach our online goals in a way we weren’t doing before. The services we’ve received have been an extreme benefit to us and as a result our Search Engine rankings continue to improve. As time goes on and we move forward with implementing the recommended changes to our site, we believe we’re going to see continued improvements."

"The way the team at MoreVisibility is able to work with our webmaster has been extremely beneficial. The communication is excellent. We’ve worked with local Search Engine Marketing companies in the past and they haven't been as accessible as the MoreVisibility team. The long and short of it is that other companies say they are going to help us, but MoreVisibility actually does it. They take control of the issues that need to be taken control of which makes my job much easier. Another thing that’s really nice is the fact that they concentrate on our target market which is critical in the business we’re in. If we don’t focus properly on our target market, then Search Engine Marketing is really just a waste of money."

"I feel good about our relationship and I’m really looking forward to future services that MoreVisibility has to offer. I think we have tremendous potential. Everyone here is in agreement that we’re happy with the progress we’ve made so far."

Jerry Stinson - Marketing Services Supervisor/Senior Graphic Designer


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