Abetta Care - Client Success Spotlight


  • Traffic Increase
    Trending at About 140 Leads Per Month
  • Traffic Increase
    Number of Leads Jumped 15 to 60 MoM

AbettaCare is a leading medical staffing company that specializes in travel nursing. They have been servicing the healthcare industry for over 20 years and are ranked as one of the "Top Ten" Travel Nursing Agencies in the country by Highway Hypodermics. AbettaCare currently offers travel nursing assignments in thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities in over 35 states nationwide, including exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands.

When AbettaCare came to MoreVisibility in January of 2005, the majority of their advertising dollars were being spent on print advertising. Although they were getting leads, they recognized that switching focus to online initiatives would allow them to broaden their reach to a much larger number of qualified candidates. In addition, they were in the process of redesigning their current website and needed some direction on how to approach the project. For that reason, they initiated a program that has two major components; Site Optimization and Paid Search. Both have had tremendous success.


Over the course of their first year with us, AbettaCare’s site went from not being indexed at all to being indexed on the first page of major engines for keywords such as “travel nursing” and “travel nurse positions.” The updated, optimized content and incorporation of components such as external sitemaps have contributed to their page relevance and overall quality score, so their cpcs went down while their natural positions went up.

Initially, AbettaCare was running a modest PPC campaign on their own, and only drawing in a few leads per month. Upon MoreVisibility’s rebuild of their campaign, the number of leads jumped from around 15 per month to around 60. Six months later, we incorporated custom landing pages into their initiatives and watched the numbers soar. Currently, AbettaCare is trending at about 140 leads per month. “That’s incredible!” said Liz Tonkin, COO of AbettaCare “I expected better results, but I didn’t expect anywhere near the kind of lead generation we've actually seen.” AbettaCare’s success is a testament to the importance of landing page choice when creating successful online campaigns.

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