Simple Screening Solutions, Inc. – Client Success Spotlight


  • Sales increased by 400%
  • Averaging Over 100 Leads MoM

Simple Screening Solutions, Inc.

SimpleScreening is a nationwide provider of Employment and Tenant Background Screening products that enable clients to order and receive sensitive information in a matter of seconds. Their reports are fully automated, password protected, easy to read and available anytime from anywhere. A quick turnaround time means that clients can verify their applicant’s information quickly to avoid losing them to another company or property.



Upon speaking with Bo Sims, co-owner of Simple Screening, it was immediately clear that he is pleased with his results. He happily stated that “Before we signed with MoreVisibility, I was getting anywhere between 30 and 40 leads per month. Now, we’re averaging over 100. Our sales have jumped from $2,000 to over $10,000!”

Simple Screening came to MoreVisibility in February 2005, relying on natural traffic to bring in business. They initiated a Search Engine Marketing Program knowing that in order to increase the number of visitors to their site, they would need to supplement their organic listings with cost per click traffic.


In addition to his campaign performance, Bo stated that he is very happy with the relationship he has with his Client Strategist, Marni. “She is great!” he said. “She is quick to respond to my emails and always lets me know what is happening with my traffic.” In addition, he said that because he got such great results with his paid initiatives, he is looking forward to adding optimization to his program. “It’s the next logical step” he said.

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