Closet Couture – Obtained a Better Mastery of Google Analytics


  • Facebook Visitors Were 34% Less Likely to Leave the Site After Visiting
  • Understand Invaluable Data on Social Media Visitors

Company Profile:

Closet Couture allows Members to upload photos of their clothes, mix and match them with items on their site, and receive virtual consultations from professional stylists. This fall, they are launching a marketplace where members will be able to sell their clothes, as well as demonstrate how they should be worn — just like dressing a mannequin in a department store.  Take a look at the company’s recent profile feature within INC Magazine.


Closet Couture partnered with MoreVisibility to help understand current site trending, analysis and to get the most out of the data provided to them by their analytics platform, Google Analytics. 


The goal was to conduct a full audit/review on their implementation of Google Analytics, to ensure the reporting was accurate and consistent with actual site traffic and performance. We also were chartered with aiding the client to understand the full scope of website visitors including, interaction on their site and member registrations.


  •  Creation of a new Google Analytics profile and set up of three goals: Registrations, visitors that spend greater than 5 minutes on site & 10 pages per visit on site.
  •  Implementation of appropriate filters and settings within new profile to show how a correct Google Analytics implementation is performed.
  •  Recommendations to install the new Google Analytics asynchronous code, which provides a lighter, faster, and more powerful tracking code.
  •  Advised client to install event tracking, as web site elements are flash / AJAX-based.


With the assistance of MoreVisibility, Closet Couture understood invaluable data on social media visitors, while helping to ensure the website data they were relying on was accurate. “As an entrepreneur that is creating a growing internet company, understanding how users interact with our site was crucial. MoreVisibility helped us fill gaps in our online strategy which we have implemented with a great deal of success”, says Chris Elia, CEO.

Through our analysis, MoreVisibility assisted Closet Couture to identify users that came to their site from Facebook were some of the best performing, by producing the highest results and increasing their page loyalty.

  •  49% of social media visitors were more likely to join the site versus coming from any other media.
  •  39.5% of visitors had a higher chance to view 10 or more pages per visit that come from a social media channels (vs. the site average).
  •  Visitors from Facebook were 34% less likely to leave the site after visiting only one page.


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