Audience-Centric Blog Strategy Increases Insurance Company’s Website Sessions 386%


  • 130% Lift in Blog Sessions
  • 386% Increase in Blog to Website Sessions
  • 70% Decrease in Social Media CPC

The Challenge

A family life insurance company sought MoreVisibility’s help to improve customer education and engagement. The company wanted a strategic plan to increase awareness for its products via content that told a succinct story using emotions, humor, and fact-based policy information.

The Solution

MoreVisibility constructed a holistic Content Strategy with cohesive, cross-channel deployment, focused on:

  •  Blog content creation, including, entertainment such as quizzes & surveys, and product-specific articles
  •  Unique imagery and design collateral
  •  Facebook promoted posts
  •  Video production

The Results

After 12 months, data showed a lift in blog traffic and engagement, as well as a significant decrease in CPC. Specifically:

  •  129.95% lift in total blog sessions (sessions doubled year over year)
  •  110.72% lift in pageviews (also doubled year over year)
  •  386% increase in sessions that moved from blog to main website
  •  70% decrease in Facebook promoted post CPC


Through a customer-centric content strategy, expert copywriting, unique creative design, and targeted Facebook advertising, MoreVisibility increased organic presence, traffic, engagement and policy signups for the client.

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