Family Rentals – Redesigned Their Main Website and Launched a Mobile Site


  • Traffic to mobile site surpassed industry average by 180%

“We enjoy working with the MoreVisibility team immensely.  We have seen positive growth in our visibility online through our new optimized website redesign and development as well as SEO projects managed by the MoreVisibility team.”

 – Mike Merlo, Owner, Family Rentals

Background and Goals/Objectives:

Family Rentals and Guest Services, established in 1997, was an immediate success in the South Florida rental service market.  Family owned and operated and on call 24 hours a day (7 days a week and 365 days a year), Family Rentals is known for its quality and selection.

Family Rentals engaged MoreVisibility to redesign their main website as well as create a mobile version of their newly designed website.  The goal was to allow customers to contact the company and allow users to engage with them on-the-go.   


After a detailed and collaborative discovery process to identify goals for the mobile site, MoreVisibility’s Design & Development team worked to create a new mobile website that was user-friendly. 

Family Rentals Mobile SiteMoreVisibility created a 7-8 page mobile website that features the most important aspects of their business.  Like other mobile websites, it was important to condense content from their main website and negate using large images or banners that would interfere with usability.  Using primarily text, MoreVisibility created a mobile website to include the following: Homepage, About Us, Products, Featured Item, and Contact Us.  The mobile site also includes a “Click to Call” link, social media buttons for all of the company’s channels, as well as an option to navigate to the “Full Site”.  Furthermore, the custom designed tabs and links are purposely sized for individuals using touch screen smartphones.  The easy-to-navigate website is ideal for on-the-go clients and prospects. 

At the same time, MoreVisibility’s Design team worked to integrate certain links from their main website onto the mobile version of their website.  The final result is a mobile website that has met Family Rentals’ expectations and mobile website goals.  The data derived from their mobile website has justified the need for a mobile website and we hope it will continue to be a great complement to their main website.


Family Rentals’ mobile website was launched on December 14, 2011. In just a short time, the statistics illustrate a positive post launch response. MoreVisibility has reason to believe that as the popularity of their mobile website and engagement enhances, these statistics will improve as well.

Results/Statistics Post Launch:

  •  7% of all website traffic is directed to their mobile website
  •  Bounce Rate = 40%
  •  Average Time on Site = 2:36
  •  % New Visits= 78%
  •  Pages/Visit 3.87

One of the most notable achievements of the mobile website is the percentage of overall website traffic from Family Rentals’ mobile website.  It has been mentioned by our Google Representatives that the average percentage of overall website traffic from mobile devices for companies ranges between 2-3%.  The fact that Family Rentals has achieved the 7% mark is an excellent milestone, and particularly given that it was reached in such a short period of time.  The relatively low bounce rate (40%) is also an indication that visitors are getting the information they desire from the mobile website.  Equally impressive is their “Pages/Visit” statistic.  Since December 14th, the average number of pages visited on Family Rentals’ mobile website by an individual (per visit) is 3.87.

With the popularity of mobile advertising and other creative marketing tools available, such as QR (Quick Response) codes, the demand for mobile websites will continue to increase.  Because Family Rental has created a mobile version of their website in the early stages of this development, they are ideally positioned to enhance and improve their mobile marketing in the future.

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