Financial Institution - Achieved Multiple Goals for Website Performance


  • PPC Increase
    Reduced Overall Bounce Rate


MoreVisibility was engaged to increase the following parameters for one of our financial institution clients: overall website visitors, length of time on site, page views and number of goals completed. We were also engaged to assist the client in better understanding Google Analytics (GA), as well as ensure that the GA code was placed on the site correctly.


  • After completing extensive keyword research, we discovered that the Cost per Click (CPC) had to be increased in an effort to be competitive.
  • The same held true for the monthly budget, which due to ongoing positive results, has been increased over the past 6 months.
  • Our team recommended different match types to ensure that the most relevant traffic was directed to client’s website, which allowed the client to more effectively utilize their advertising spend.
  • In an effort to eliminate unnecessary/unqualified traffic, we suggested the implementation of negative keywords, which reduced the amount of irrelevant searches and superfluous clicks.
  • We created a Branding Campaign to help establish a strong web presence.
  • We utilized the Ad Scheduling Featured (in Google) as a way to have the ads appears only at the most effective times throughout a 24 hour period.
  • We assisted the client in employing the use of GA and setting it up correctly and relied heavily on the statistics GA provided to tweak the campaign and decide next steps.
  • We added new engines to ensure the client was being seen in a variety of places.
  • Special 6 week promotional campaigns were implemented based on focused product offerings.


In addition to achieving all of the above, MoreVisibility reduced the overall bounce rate, which is defined as the average percentage of initial visitors to a site who "bounce" away, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.

Furthermore, GA showed that the client's goals increased dramatically. Goals are a way to measure conversions on a website, which could be completing some type of high value process or viewing a specific page. Setting up goals is one of the most important steps when configuring Google Analytics. MoreVisibility ensured the goals were set up correctly and assisted in choosing which to deem as most appropriate.


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