Frontline Placement Technologies - Decreased Costs of Google AdWords Campaigns


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    Decreased Campaign Cost by 30%


Frontline Placement Technologies, a privately-held Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Provider, engaged MoreVisibility to complete an audit of their existing Google Ad Words Campaign in September of 2008.  MoreVisibility was tasked  with the following objectives:

  • Review current campaign and provide specific feedback on any areas that need improvement and/or  revisions
  • Help to lower the cost of the current online initiatives, while still maintaining the level and quality of  incoming leads


  • Our highly skilled Google Certified Campaign Management team reviewed and audited Frontline’s  AdWords campaign over approximately a two (2) week period. Many aspects were covered in this audit; including but not limited to: Keyword menu, bidding strategy, campaign options, organization and  structure, match types, ad copy, etc. We then provided specific optimization suggestions in an effort to  improve the campaign as a whole.
  • Our team recommended different match types to ensure that the most relevant traffic was directed to Frontline’s website. This allowed Frontline to more effectively utilize their advertising spend, while eliminating unnecessary traffic.
  • We suggested the implementation of negative keywords to reduce the amount of irrelevant searches  and superfluous clicks.
  • The creation of Branding and Competitor Campaigns were suggested to establish a strong presence  online.
  • Utilizing the Ad Scheduling Featured was an additional method that we felt would benefit the client, in  that not all advertisers choose to have their ads appear throughout a 24 hour period. We helped Frontline to determine what times would be most effective.


MoreVisibility suggestions on the audit successfully achieved the main goal of lowering the cost of the AdWords Campaign, while not only improving the number of leads, but also the lead quality. Not an easy task! Frontline benefited from a blend of high visibility, lower costs and an improved online marketing initiative. They continue to spend on average 30% less per month than before, without compromising their number of leads.

"Our main goal was to significantly decrease the cost of our Google AdWords Campaign, yet increase the quality and number of leads. We were very pleased that MoreVisibility helped us to achieve this goal!"

Jonathan Pavoni, Marketing Manager Frontline Placement Technologies


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