Fulfillment Works – Leads increased over 28% from last year


  • Leads Increased by 28%
  • Conversion Rate Increased by 15%

Fulfillment Works, a full service end-to-end fulfillment company (B to B), sought to increase their online presence through Social Media and an updated SEO approach.  The goal of the campaign was to:

  •  Increase brand presence and visibility
  •  Increase leads through the website


  •  LinkedIn Company Page to increase presence via Social Media
  •  Search Engine Optimization Program to update on page content and site usability
    •  Updated keyword focus
    •  New design and layout features
    •  Technical updates and redirection analysis
  •  Implementation of on-site blog
  •  Keyword targeted weekly blog posts
  •  Updated Google Analytics Tracking
    •  Event Tracking added to site elements
    •  Goal conversion tracking through form fills


Since the strategy was implemented, Fulfillment Works has seen increased leads as well as conversion rate increase.

The results included:

  •  28 pages rank within top 5 of Google and Bing search results for targeted keywords
  •  Leads from March 1st – May 31st have increased over 28% from last year
    •  Conversion rate increased 15% from last year
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