Furniture Manufacturing Company - Successfully Established Brand Name Recognition & Credibility


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    Conversion Rates for Sought Keywords of 4.5-11%
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    Average Click_thru Rates of 8%


Our Client, a start-up furniture manufacturing company, initiated a paid search program with MoreVisibility in order to explore the opportunities of online marketing. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following objectives:

  • Bring visitors who aren’t familiar with the company to the site
  • Establish brand name recognition and credibility
  • Generate interest in catalog and swatch orders in order to increase furniture sales.


  • MoreVisibility’s Campaign Managers created a campaign structure which would target search terms, reflective of this clients’ particular niche market.
  • Our team developed ad copy that was enticing and differentiated this brand from the wide spectrum of competitors also advertising.
  • Using Google Analytics and conversion tracking, we determined what keywords were most valuable and effective yet affordable. Keywords were evaluated by generating high visitor traffic, time on website, or high conversion rates. This allowed the client to effectively spend their marketing dollars where it produced results, while eliminating unnecessary costs.
  • Different bid strategies were deployed on keyword prices to determine if aggressive bids were necessary in order to capture an ideal site visitor. Preliminary results suggested a semi-aggressive bidding strategy with positions on the first page, but not necessarily top spots, performed well and maximized return.
  • Ad copy testing yielded positive results, as we were able to drive up click thru rates, which also impacts Quality Score and pricing.


MoreVisibility successfully implemented an online marketing program for this client. Results have been exceptional. Ad click thru rates are on average 8%, with some ad groups realizing 17% and producing very qualified leads. From campaign launch to present, the client’s conversion rates are on average 4.5% for their most sought after keywords, while others are as high as 11%.

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