B2B Ecommerce Site – Generated More Revenue from Organic Traffic


  • Revenue from Google Organic traffic increased 22%
  • Increase in conversion rate


A B2B ecommerce provider of technical products came to MoreVisibility with the priority that many other customers do: generate more revenue from Organic traffic.


MoreVisibility has a multi-phased process to review what is currently on a website, and what pages need to be altered or added to target important keyphrases that bring a valuable audience to the targeted website. In this process we targeted a qualified audience, so that when users visit the site from search engines, it is not a happenstance. Many optimization efforts make the common mistake of choosing keyphrases with the most search volume, but not necessarily relevant to a particular page, or perhaps a phrase that is of little value to the target audience. The art of keyword research keeps all of these priorities in alignment, to target as many qualified visitors as possible. As a part of our process in assessing the ecommerce website, we noticed only a minimal number of pages had optimized metadata and that multiple pages were targeting the same keyphrase.

Starting with the more important pages, we optimized the metadata and a small amount of content. During this period of several months, we also made some technical changes to mitigate duplicate content issues, which are all too common with e-commerce websites. Our Google analytics team set up e-commerce goals to track the success of our Organic search efforts.


Below is the change in Organic traffic over an 8 month period; 4 months while the optimization process was taking place, and the 4 months after, when all new content, pages, and changes had been crawled and accounted for by the search engines.

When the numbers came in, the outlook was positive. The increase of 25% over a four month period, from approximately 58k to 73k visitors told us that one aspect of the keyword research and content optimization was working correctly; we were driving more visitors to the website. But how valuable were those visitors? The only red, negative metric in the above screenshot was conspicuous. Were we driving additional users who were quickly abandoning the site and not purchasing anything? Or were users visiting for less time because they were going directly to targeted pages, therefore requiring less time onsite to navigate to their intended destinations? This is an example of why robust analytics is good for any website, as we can begin to understand the value of each visitor, and the value that our optimization efforts have provided. Below is a screenshot showing the increase in revenue from Google Organic traffic. Note that without proper analytics setup, it would have been impossible to determine if revenue increases were due to optimization, paid search, or other marketing efforts.


The new visitors that we drove to the site, had only a small decrease in value, but conversion rates were up, and the actual revenue from Google Organic traffic increased 22%.

The optimization process had paid off, as it often does, and with tracking in place to monitor and correctly attribute the new visitors, the business saw how the optimization process has grown their revenue.

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