Hagerty – Increased Exposure for the Scottsdale Auction Microsite


  • Average Click-Thru Rate of 14.52%
  • PPC Campaign Drove 5,570 Visitors


Hagerty, a leading insurance company specializing in antique/collector auto and boat insurance,  recently participated as a sponsor of the “Scottsdale Auctions”. This prestigious Arizona event  showcases popular auctions such as Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction, Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction, and Kruse International Collector Car Auction. In conjunction with their  sponsorship, Hagerty created a special micro-site covering the event. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following:

  •  Create a targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to drive traffic to the new Hagerty micro-site
  •  Increase exposure of the Hagerty brand and position Hagerty as a leader in the online coverage of the  Scottsdale Auction events


  •  MoreVisibility Google Certified Campaign Managers worked closely with the marketing team at  Hagerty to develop two sets of targeted keywords. MoreVisibility Paid Search Specialists leveraged  proprietary keyword tools and reports to develop a strategy to bid aggressively on the highest volume terms important to Hagerty’s coverage of the event, with a less aggressive bid strategy on the second  set of keywords.
  •  Campaign Managers utilized phrase and exact match types to ensure that the most relevant traffic was directed to Hagerty’s micro-site. This allowed Hagerty to effectively allocate their budget to get the most  out of their “Scottsdale Auctions” paid search campaign.
  •  In addition, MoreVisibility Paid Search Specialists created specific ad copy highlighting Hagerty’s  coverage of the event and their extensive experience in the collector car market.


Over a two-week period, this PPC campaign drove over 5,570 visitors to the Hagerty micro-site while attaining an average click-thru rate of 14.52%.

Hagerty’s online paid search exposure during the event  was ubiquitous, maintaining an average position in the Google sponsored links section of 1.3. In  addition, the campaign generated 15 conversions; a metric Hagerty didn’t expect as a result of this  effort, but was pleased to generate new customers from coverage of the events. 

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