Brick-and-Mortar Retailer - Achieved 20,000 Facebook Likes in Less Than a Month


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    Facebook Like Campaign Gathered 20,000 Followers
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    Website Traffic Increased by 400%

Background and Objective

The Client, an online and brick-and-mortar retailer has been in business for 9 years and was ready to initiate a social media campaign to further their online presence. In September of 2011, they decided to create a Facebook page to communicate special offers and merchandise available through the website and in-store, as well as to open up a stream of dialogue with the community and establish a core base of supporters.

The Action Plan

Creating a Facebook Page is relatively simple, but acquiring a fanbase can be difficult and at the onset of the program the Page had only a handful of Likes. MoreVisibility evaluated the situation and proposed a 2-prong approach to build followers.

Step One
A dedicated e-mail was sent to the client’s database, encouraging recipients to visit and “Like” the Facebook Page. This generated approximately 4,500 followers as a starting customer base.

Step Two
Once those 4,500 baseline followers were established, a viral Facebook ad campaign was implemented utilizing the Sponsored Stories Ad option of “Page Like Stories”.

The Page Like Story Option appears on a user’s Home page in the Newsfeed and in the right-hand column and is generated when someone they follow simply Likes a Page.

Facebook Page Like Story

A critical component of the campaign was careful selection and targeting of the audience. As the follower base grew, the audience was limited to target specific demographic and geographic segments that had a higher conversion rate, and cutting the cost per acquisition in half. As of publication, the Like count is more than 20,000, with an Estimated Reach of 721,000.


The original goal was to achieve 5,000 additional followers, which happened in just 10 days and a mere 21 days after project commencement, the tally of followers is over 20,000 and still climbing.

There was also a direct correlation of a 400% increase in traffic on the website during the time period of the Like Campaign, resulting in newsletter signups and merchandise sales.


This intensive and viral campaign was successful for 4 reasons:

  • Strength of Brand
  • Quality of Facebook page and content
  • High-value targeting to relevant audience
  • Willingness of Facebook users to "Like" based on seeing something their friends have liked

Now that this base of supporters has been established on Facebook, the Client is planning to implement additional activities to enhance and continue to engage these follower relationships.

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