IEEE – Increased Internet Leads


  • Lead Increased by 100%
  • Campaign and Keyword Improvements


IEEE, the leading professional association for the advancement of technology, wanted to increase their  internet leads during 4th quarter of 2008. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following objectives:

  •  Increase the number of leads/conversions for the Innovate section of the site.
  •  Determine the geographical region of conversions.


  •  MoreVisibility Google Certified Campaign Mangers evaluated the CPC traffic in Google Analytics to determine that India was generating the most conversions.
  •  MoreVisibility Campaign Managers reorganized IEEE’s campaign structure and broke India out into its own campaign. This allowed for better use of the daily budget, as well as longer distribution time in the geographical area where most of the conversions occurred.
  •  Campaign Managers utilized match types to ensure that the most relevant traffic was directed to IEEE’s website. This allowed IEEE to get the most out of their brand related keywords, while eliminating unnecessary costs. Additionally, MoreVisibility Paid Search Specialists eliminated underperforming campaigns and keywords, thus allowing for the increased budget to be focused mostly on the converting terms.


Since changes implemented, IEEE increased leads by 100%. The changes included improvement on campaign and keywords.

MoreVisibility successfully exceeded IEEE’s goal for increasing leads by implementing the changes above. In just two months after the changes were put into place, IEEE’s number of leads increased by 100%. The campaign and keyword improvements also helped to bring down the cost-per-conversion, while allowing for longer distribution in their key geographical areas.

“MoreVisibility is a strong partner in our search marketing efforts, especially in listening to our goals and finding innovative and data-driven ways to achieve them.”

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