20% Increase in Leads Through Facebook and Google Ads


  • 192% Increase in New Users to the Website
  • 20% Increase in Goal Completions
  • 93% decrease in Cost per Landing Page View


MRBOXonline.com is a national wholesale distributor/manufacturer of tape, shipping room, packaging products and cardboard boxes. As a trusted partner, MoreVisibility manages digital advertising campaigns to drive sales of MRBOXonline.com’s most unique offering: foam coolers.

The Problem / Challenge

Due to the very niche product line, MRBOXonline.com’s campaigns reached complete saturation in AdWords, which encompassed paid keyword search, dynamic search ads as a catch-all for search, as well as remarketing for users who visited the foam coolers section of the MRBOXonline.com website.

As a result, we needed to expand the campaigns to other channels to increase sales growth. We started with testing a paid social media remarketing campaign based on traffic to the foam coolers section of the website as a means to complement the traffic we were sending via paid search.

At launch this new effort initially demonstrated a high cost per click (CPC) and a low click through rate (CTR). Our Campaign Management team immediately identified that within this new paid social effort we were still only reaching the same audience as we were in search, and thus not necessarily resolving the confines of the audience saturation issue we had already encountered.

The Solution

In order to grow bottom of the funnel conversions, we needed to fill the top of the funnel with relevant users. As such, we decided to incorporate a prospecting effort in Facebook, focusing on a lookalike audience of our very qualified website visitors.

The Results

Due to the increase in top of the funnel traffic, all our audience-based efforts improved in efficiency and effectiveness once relevant traffic to the website increased. Overall MRBOXonline experienced:

  •  192% Increase in New Users to the Website
  •  20% Increase in Goal Completions (Custom Order Leads) from Paid Ads

Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign Stats:

  •  379% increase in CTR
  •  26% decrease in CPC

Facebook Remarketing Campaign Stats:

  •  685% increase in CTR
  •  93% decrease in Cost per Landing Page View
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