INTERIORS by Decorating Den - Testimonial from Kevin Atkinson, VP Program Development

INTERIORS by Decorating Den is the premier home interiors franchisee in North America, ranked #1 in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine.  We offer turn-key franchisees, with extensive training, a large network of vendors and resources, marketing programs and more.

We worked with MoreVisibility a few years ago, but made an internal decision to move efforts to another vendor.  After an unsuccessful Campaign with a different agency, we then decided to return to MoreVisibility for our Search Marketing needs.  We reinitiated our program earlier this year and have been extremely pleased with the results.  The staff at MoreVisibility has been and continues to be a great asset – very knowledgeable, responsive and task oriented.

Over the summer, we decided to turn over design efforts to MoreVisibility for development of a Landing Page to be used within the paid search campaigns. This has become one of the most powerful marketing tools that we have ever had! Previously, we sent searchers into a labyrinth of information and hoped to capture their interest during the site visit. Now, the page is simple, provides all pertinent information and allows for lead generation on that same page, without clicking Multiple Pages.  We have seen dramatic results and as a result have increased our ad budget the past 3 months and will continue to do so in future.

Since we primarily target creative women, typically trapped in other careers, we were targeting Design magazines to recruit new franchisees.  However, these same women tend to be very internet savvy and through paid search advertising we can also find them online.  The online channel has demonstrated incredible ROI results, far better then other online marketing initiatives as well as our offline lead generation/franchisee development efforts, including magazines.  **For a quick reference on MoreVisibility, feel free to call me @ 877 918-1500 ~ Kevin.

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