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Large sized company that manufactures industry specific equipment and supplies for consumers and professionals.


Client’s website includes informational content specific to their industry as well as an online form for contacting individual retailers that sell their materials. The client tasked MoreVisibility to optimize their website’s content, structure, design, inbound links and web presence for improved search engine crawling, indexing and results. With this, the goal was to enhance webpage performance in the search engines, sales leads, ROI and CTR (Clickthrough rate - the number of clicks on a link in search results divided by impressions), through increased numbers of qualified organic visitors to the site’s webpages via an increased search audience.


MoreVisibilty was contracted by the client to provide them with a robust SEO consultation program that included keyword research and matching documents for different segments of the site. This portion of the program included extensive research and guidance for placement of important keyphrases within the current website pages’ Metadata and content, as well as content optimization to develop an improved online presence via the addition of new pages with unique and relevant subject matter. Furthermore, we provided the client with several website audits, with the main audit focused on site-wide SEO issues. This audit featured an analysis of the homepage, site architecture, the overall quality of their inbound links to the whole site, and a multitude of other identified issues and recommendations for improvement. This audit analyzed the site from a technical, design, marketing and page content perspective which was delivered to the client for review. Several additional, “specialized” audits, each concentrating on an individual product, analyzed the product sections’ inbound links from external sources.

Per our recommendations and after reviewing each of the SEO audit and keyword research documents with members of their company’s marketing, technical and executive teams, the client’s web development staff would implement our suggested technical and content changes throughout the course of their initial engagement and ongoing SEO consultation program. The link building guides were also delivered to the client over a span of several weeks throughout the program and were meant to serve as a guide for the client to follow through and integrate with their marketing strategy.

ROI was assessed by analyzing website performance through detailed automated reports and analytics which included data on search engine rankings, traffic and linking.

Keyword research, keyword matching and SEO audit recommendations included:

  • On page content optimization for the homepage, top level and interior pages. This consisted of documentation that outlined implementing a multitude of well researched keyphrases into a webpage’s Metadata, as well as in the content of those pages. The majority of the targeted keyphrases utilized on the site at the beginning of the engagement were not relevant for the page they were on. Additionally, the majority of the title tag text for the site’s pages were not formatted correctly in that they started with same keyphrases.
  • Trained client on how to create several new pages that utilized well searched and relevant keywords.
  • Redirect the non-www version of the site’s homepage to the “canonical” www-version, as well as redirection of various client sub-domains that contained identical content to that of the client’s corporate site via 301 permanent redirects to mitigate duplicate content issues.
  • Create and upload a robots.txt file to the website’s root directory to block the crawling and indexing of webpages that were not deemed as good candidates for search.
  • Reduce excessive and extraneous coding in the backend of the site to facilitate the site’s “crawlability” for the search engine spiders.
  • Create a “custom 404 page” so that the search engines would be able to access other parts of the website if a removed page was still being included in search results
  • Link building recommendations (contained in the individual link building documents) included details for submitting product level category pages to trusted directories, popular blogs and forums, industry specific associations and major local directories.

SEO Obstacles:

The client’s industry is very competitive and in order for their website to have a better chance at ranking for their desired keyphrases, keyword selection needed to be based on several factors, including uniqueness, search volumes, relative competitiveness and relevance; more relevant keywords are likely to give you better results.

Three years ago, when we were contracted to perform SEO consultation with this company, obstacles such as lack of canonicalization, minimal and duplicate content and uneven inbound link distribution (a large majority of the inbound link pointed to the homepage) were inhibiting the site from performing as well as it could for the majority of its desired keywords.


Due to the impact of MoreVisibility’s keyword research recommendations and overall website optimization, including technical, design and inbound linking strategies, since 2009 (when the content was first applied to the site) thru the beginning of 2012, the client’s site has seen a considerable boost in overall traffic, search rankings for more pages on the site and inbound links from external websites. For example, organic traffic from Google went from just over 1.1 million visits to just over 1.8 million. Additionally, more than 40 keyphrases increased positions in both the Google and Bing search engines, with the majority of those now appearing on the first page of search results in both of those search engines.

Lastly, the site’s inbound links have seen an overall increase in both Google and Bing, but more importantly, the distribution of links between the homepage and the top level product categories has shifted. For instance, the majority of the main product category top level pages accounted for less than 1% of the total links pointing to the site (again, the majority point to the homepage). However, due to MoreVisibility’s link building guidance, in addition to keyword and content optimization for those pages, the top level product pages now each account (on average) for over 6% of inbound links pointing to the site.

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