Leading Insurance Company - Lowered the Cost of Customer Acquisition for Their PPC Campaigns


  • Ranking Increase
    1,900% Increase in Site Visits
  • SEM
    Decrease in Cost-per-Click


  • A leading insurance company specializing in Agreed Value insurance coverage relies on MoreVisibility’s experience in optimizing the Yahoo Paid Inclusion program to reach their SEM goals. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following challenges from the client:
  • Lower the cost of customer acquisition given recent increases in their regular PPC campaigns
  • Increase overall traffic to their site leading up to the busier months of the season for their niche business


  • MoreVisibility’s Client Strategist and Campaign Manager Team identified an opportunity to help the client reach both their goals by optimizing the client’s Yahoo Paid Inclusion program and provided the recommendation to allocate more dollars to this channel once the optimization was complete.
  • Campaign Managers worked on breaking out the Yahoo Paid Inclusion feed by targeting, via keyword research, the Top Level page and the Category Level pages of the client’s website. The Client Strategist worked closely with the client providing guidance on the changes they were making to the site (both look and feel along with content changes) given the impact this could have onthe positions achieved in the Yahoo Paid Inclusion program.


Over the next 60 days, the Yahoo Paid Inclusion channel ramped up from driving approximately 125-150 visitors a month to the site to well over 3000 visitors per month. The overall conversion rate for the client’s Yahoo Paid Inclusion traffic maintained its percentages while driving over 2800 visitors more per month. Given CPC rates for the client’s Yahoo Paid Inclusion program is 7 – 8 times less than their regular PPC rates, the client has seen a significant reduction in their overall cost per conversion rates since MoreVisibility’s optimization of their Yahoo Paid Inclusion program.

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