Legal Firm - Gathered More Qualified CPC Leads on a Reduced Budget

History/Background – Law Firm

A legal firm who has been a satisfied client with MoreVisibility for 3 plus years was forced to cut back on their online advertising budget this year. We have been managing a Cost Per Click (CPC) Campaign for this particular client since January of 2006 and they were experiencing positive results from our efforts.

Unfortunately, due to the tough economic climate, they had to bring their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts in house. This particular client stressed the fact that they were more than pleased with the services MoreVisibility had been providing over the last 3 years, however, they were being forced to manage/maintain their own SEM efforts and felt that they knew enough to be able to tackle it on their own.

Per their request, we ceased our CPC Campaign effective January 2009. During the past 6 months, we kept in close touch to see how their campaign was performing. Just a few of the important questions we asked over the past few months were:

  • How many (qualified) leads are you generating?
  • How many new visitors are reaching your site?
  • What is your bounce rate?
  • How long are your visitors staying on your site?

The client soon realized that it truly is a full time job to effectively manage and maintain an online marketing campaign. They found the process to be both cumbersome and difficult to keep up with. The constant tweaks and necessary optimization a campaign needs in order to be successful can be overwhelming and they just did not have the man power to handle. After all, law is their expertise, not search engine marketing!

Fast forward 5 months and not only is the client back running their CPC Campaign with MoreVisibility, but garnering more qualified leads than before!


Once the client came back on board, we were tasked with the challenge of generating more qualified visitors to the site, while simultaneously spending less advertising dollars per month. In an effort to drive more traffic for less money, we took the following action steps:

  1. We implemented a larger number of negative keywords. This process helps to prevent superfluous clicks and irrelevant searches from occurring, which can be draining to an online advertising budget.
  2. We “trimmed the fat” from the CPC Campaign, by removing keywords that were not performing as well as others.
  3. We more closely refined the area in which our ads are displayed by geo-targeting a smaller radius.
  4. We focused on core practice specialties, rather than promoting every area of the firm, as some areas require a much more aggressive bid strategy.

Moving forward, we will optimize the CPC Campaign by testing out new ad copy, different URL’s, adding new engines, etc. We will rely on the data we see in Google Analytics, which will provide us a detailed and educated view on the progress of the campaign. We are pleased to have the client back and appreciate their business and trust. We will do everything in our power to continue to make their campaign a success!

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