McLaughlin Anderson Luxury Villas – Rejuvenated Business Through Paid Search and Google Analytics


  • Online Campaign Traffic Increased
  • Villa Rental Increased


With the difficult economy of the past few years, some owners of luxury villas in the Caribbean were no longer trying to rent their units.  Additionally, Caribbean vacationing had declined with less disposable income available in the United States and Europe.  Because of this, McLaughlin Anderson sought a way to gain additional exposure for their website to promote their high end luxury villas and maintain their leadership in the industry. 


McLaughlin Anderson worked with MoreVisibility to promote their website through paid search with Google Analytics tracking.  Different campaigns were used to focus on certain rental communities that McLaughlin Anderson offered, to gain insight on which communities were more highly sought after.


Analytics data showed a great deal of search traffic directed toward Ritz-Carlton themed campaigns. With this information, McLaughlin Anderson began renewing relationships with these owners and began seeing immediate results.

“We have always been impressed with the level of attention and expertise since signing on with MoreVisibility several years ago.  We are a boutique vacation rental company, and your team has always approached our unique needs with respectful professionalism.

In September, our company President noticed that our current campaign was generating high exposure and clicks toward our Ritz-Carlton Club rental program, which had declined considerably since the recession. This led her to renew relationships with our existing owners and let them know this encouraging news. Listings began to come in again, and we combined social media and email blasts to rejuvenate interest with our travel agents and direct renters.

The result was dramatic. Since October, we have been able to increase our Ritz-Carlton Club rentals on the books from 2, to 22!  And this is only December, with a new high season right around the corner. Inquiries continue to come in daily, and we have picked up a few new listing owners as well.

Surely the results of our campaigns (as seen through Google Analytics) guided us to focus on a product that had been dormant, and its revival has resulted in significantly increased revenue. Thanks, More Visibility!!!”

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