Mobile Campaign Innovations Drive 120% Increase in Conversion Rate for Artistic Tile


  • 120% Increase in the Mobile Conversion Rate
  • 37% Increase in Call Conversions
  • 44% Decrease in Cost/Mobile Conversion


Founded in 1987, Artistic Tile ( is a family-run business, offering thousands of stocked tile and natural stone products for immediate delivery, as well as in-house design services and complete custom capabilities. No matter how intricate the designs or how rare the materials, Artistic Tile offers assistance in every aspect of the specification process from concept to completion. Artistic Tile has nine elegant retail showrooms, as well as wholesale distribution to over 150 high-end tile dealers nationwide.


When MoreVisibility & Artistic Tile first partnered together, the client was in the midst of a website redesign (moving to a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website) and transition from brochure website to full ecommerce. Our AdWords campaign goals were to:

  •  Generate qualified traffic so those users could:
    •  Learn about Artistic Tile and browse its extensive range of luxury title and natural stone
    •  Find a location
    •  Contact the company
    •  Drive leads via contact form fills, initiating online chats and phone calls

These objectives were dependent on the existing website, which was not mobile friendly.

At the start of our partnership, we launched a combination of brand and non-brand themed campaigns and saw a variety of conversion types populate for the various efforts. After the first months’ worth of data, MoreVisibility began analyzing performance. It became clear that the only viable conversion type for users on mobile devices were phone calls. The existing mobile experience was not optimal for users, and given the redesign underway, short-term, immediate alterations to the website were not an option.

Understanding the significant potential value of these mobile users to Artistic Tile’s business, we needed a better solution for funneling potential mobile leads via the campaigns.

The Solution: Mobile Call-Only Campaigns

People are more connected today than ever, as users live life smartphone in hand. Because of this, we knew that we had to find a creative solution to remain visible for mobile searchers, while continuing to increase mobile conversions.

MoreVisibility decided to test Call-Only campaigns for users searching on a mobile device and exclude mobile traffic from the main campaign. This would allow Artistic Tile to remain visible for users searching relevant keywords on a mobile device, while optimizing for the only mobile conversion action producing leads.

Campaign Results

The campaign results were hugely beneficial to the brand, including:

  •  18% Increase in Mobile Conversions
  •  120% Increase in the Mobile Conversion Rate
  •  37% Increase in Call Conversions
  •  44% Decrease in Cost/Mobile Conversion

Call-Only campaigns were the ideal creative workaround to Artistic Tile’s mobile users’ needs and lead growth objectives. Due to the incredible success of their AdWords campaigns, Artistic Tile has grown its AdWords ad spend 67%. The business is receiving more qualified leads from mobile, as well as increased interest in showroom locations. Once the Artistic Tile website is fully responsive and has ecommerce functionality, we plan to launch new mobile strategies such as ad customizers (by device), price extensions, in-store visit measurement, shopping ads, and more.

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