MoreVisibility Launches National Beverage Day Social Media Contest for Juice Bowl and Increases Facebook Reach 4,576%


  • 4576% Increase in Social Reach
  • 180% Increase in Post Shares

The Problem/Challenge

Juice Bowl is a healthy beverage product that has been sold since 1967 and produced by CE Beverage. Originally producing a few juices directly from fresh fruit, the Juice Bowl product line has grown to a wide assortment of sizes and flavors including Juice Bowl 100% Juice, Juice Bowl Juice Drinks, and Juice Bowl Vegetable Swirl. Juice Bowl beverages are fortified with Vitamin C, Calcium and other ingredients to be healthy and refreshing beverages for families.

Currently found in locations such as schools and on airlines, Juice Bowl is not sold directly to consumers. Given the distance between its organization and end-consumers, CE Beverage faced the challenge of needing to jumpstart its online presence and increase engagement directly with the end-consumers of its product, Juice Bowl. To do this, CE Beverage turned to MoreVisibility and its social media specialists.

The Solution

To jumpstart its engagement with the end-consumer, MoreVisibility quickly deployed team members responsible for social media strategy, advertising, and community management. The primary initial channel identified to achieve the organizations goals was Facebook. This platform provided an opportunity to leverage both paid advertising and organic content strategies to reach a targeted group of users that are both current loyal consumers of the product as well as those who have never tried it before. The culture of the platform combined with the advanced targeting options provided by its advertising solutions made Facebook a great vehicle to help achieve the goals of CE Beverage.

However, the MoreVisiblity team members focused on the project knew that simple content and ads would only provide the foundation. To achieve the community engagement desired, a more robust strategy was needed. For this, the teams working on the project identified that hosting a contest would be the right solution.

MoreVisibility designed a contest to engage current fans of the page as well as a new audience that had not interacted with the page previously, while giving this audience a chance to win a #SwagBag full of Juice Bowl product and branded apparel. Given that consumers cannot simply purchase Juice Bowl in a store, there was an exclusive feel to the contest. Additionally, the campaign was timed to coincide with #NationalBeverageDay, a hashtag that would be trending on social media channels during the contest.

The contest required users to answer a question related to the product, helping increase brand recall after the contest had ended. Throughout the contest, a series of organic and promotional advertising strategies were used to continue optimizing performance, including a/b testing of messaging and copy that dramatically improved the number of engagements and entries as the contest went on.

The Results

After analyzing the data and results from the contest that ran for one week, the results were astounding.

When compared to Juice Bowl’s previously posted organic Facebook content, the contest resulted in:

  •  4,576% greater reach
  •  10,137% more reactions
  •  19,100% more shares

When compared to Juice Bowl’s previous traditional non-contest based Facebook advertisements, the contest resulted in:

  •  180% increase in post shares
  •  64% decrease in cost per post share
  •  99% decrease in cost per post comment
  •  10% more impressions
  •  10% more engagements
  •  9% decrease in cost per post engagement
  •  5% increase in page likes

MoreVisibility continues to provide social media strategy and management to Juice Bowl to continue growing engagement with its Facebook community.

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