Much Shelist – Optimized Website to Dramatically Improve SEO Performance


  • Non-paid Search Engine Traffic Increased by 86%
  • Non-branded Keywords Increased by 287%


Much Shelist, a Chicago-based law firm that works primarily with middle-market companies, partnered with MoreVisibility in 2008. In the increasingly competitive legal services industry, their website had become an important element of their marketing and business development strategy. With the goals of increasing traffic to the website and raising awareness of the firm, Much Shelist engaged in a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) program.  Because the firm’s previous web development efforts had not included an SEO component, Much Shelist knew that significant changes would be required.


MoreVisibility takes pride in educating clients. From the beginning, we worked closely with the firm’s marketing team to educate them about the principles of SEO, including the value of metadata, which was not incorporated into the website when it launched. For example, MoreVisibility’s SEO Engineers advised the Much Shelist team on keyword targeting and other changes that would enhance their site’s ranking potential for desired keywords. Additionally, our SEO Engineers guided them on technical changes to improve the search engines’ ability to crawl pages on the site.  Through our existing library of webinars, along with one-on-one consultation, MoreVisibility also trained the Much Shelist team to use Google Analytics as a means of effectively tracking and measuring success.


Throughout our relationship with Much Shelist, changes implemented by the firm with MoreVisibility’s guidance have garnered excellent results.

For example, a comparison of Google Analytics data from early 2009 and January 2010 reveals the following improvements:

  •  Non-paid search engine traffic from all engines has increased 86%.
  •  More specifically, Google non-paid traffic has increased 101%
  •  After excluding branded keywords that utilize the firm’s name, visits from non-branded keywords have increased 287%

As these numbers show, search engine traffic improved dramatically. What is most significant is that a majority of these improvements have resulted from our work with Much Shelist to optimize the site and emphasize non-branding keywords.

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