National Insurance Provider – Achieved Optimal Organic Rankings


  • Increase in Organic Performance Metrics
  • 40% Increase in Application Conversions
  • 78.64% Increase in Monthly Website Visits

MoreVisibility had the opportunity to consult on Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics for a National Insurance Provider. Already a well-established brand, the client needed to find a way to unify, target and strengthen their digital footprint while gaining further insights into their customer base. Throughout the engagement, MoreVisibility identified strengths and areas of growth on and off the corporate website.


Over the course of the brand’s history, the client had grown, updated and tweaked their website to create a space for each new product as it was developed. In doing so, they generated multiple SEO concerns ranging from duplicate content to incorrect linking and improperly targeted pages.

MoreVisibility’s challenge was to optimize the existing site to drive additional traffic and application conversions while working on an offsite content strategy to capture a new audience.


For this client, a variety of SEO tactics were employed including the following:

  1. Keyword research and content matching for all top level and product pages
  2. Re-optimization of meta data and site content
  3. Extensive technical audit and analysis of the corporate site to identify key areas of Content, Technical, Design and Marketing opportunity
  4. Comprehensive strategies for content management, on and offsite, including blogging, link building and social media
  5. Optimization, management and curation of offsite blog content

To track the result of these efforts, MoreVisibilty also assisted the client with Google Analytics consultation, analysis and support including:

  1. Analysis and audit of Google Analytics account configuration
  2. Clean up of obsolete coding on site
  3. Advanced coding recommendations designed to provide insights into client’s user behavior and activity while onsite
  4. Custom reports and dashboards to highlight ROI of marketing efforts.


After 18 months of dedicated SEO work, the client saw significant increases in Organic performance metrics and application conversions.

1. Average monthly visitors increased from 31,056 to 55,478.

All Traffic Google Analytics

2. Double-digit organic traffic increases year over year.

Google Analytics Data

3. Increased quality of organic traffic (as seen by conversion rate) compared to site average.

Analytics Data

4. Application conversion rate up 40% year over year.


5. Substantial increases in core keyword ranking within Google’s search results pages.


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