National Processing Company – Enhanced Their Website Design to Improve SEO Effectiveness


  • Online Website Visits Increased by 40%
  • Page Views Increased by 88%

Company Profile:

National Processing Company (NPC) is a leading provider in the electronic payments industry. The Company is the largest provider of merchant processing services in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to the small-to-medium merchant market.


National Processing Company ( partnered with MoreVisibility in 2009 to enhance their website’s search engine optimization effectiveness. After learning of many SEO issues on their existing site, it was determined a new site architecture, and design would be necessary to increase search engine rankings. Upon the recommendation and assistance of MoreVisibility, National Processing Company set out to create a new SEO-friendly website that would also serve as a lead generation tool.


Working closely with MoreVisibility’s Optimized Design team, National Processing Company was able to launch a website that was aligned with their branding guidelines and goals. The website design was based on an SEO friendly architecture to increase the website’s search engine positioning for a variety of key industry phrases.

“By starting with a new website from the ground-up, we knew we would create an SEO friendly site that would result in better user experience, and afford us more flexibility to make changes on the fly. After the launch of the new website, we not only saw users spending more time on the website, but we also noticed a significant increase in the number of web leads.”

“MoreVisibility’s optimized design for National Processing Company included a new architecture, optimized content and new page layouts. The MoreVisibility design team worked with us to carefully understand our target audience and overall goal”

 Amanda Holt of NPC


Since February 2010, National Processing Company’s website visits increased by 40%, visitors spent 47% more time on the site (compared to the previous four months) and page views also increased by 88%.

“To see such a dramatic increase in visitor loyalty was astonishing, not only did people spend more time on our site, but our organic search engine traffic was up 20%, and our non-branded keyword traffic increased by 66%. Our search engine presence prior to the redesign didn’t exist, and we are now gaining more search engine traffic daily.”

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