NeoStrata Company, Inc. – Increased ROI for Paid Search


  • Revenue Increased by 45.72%
  • Cost Per Conversion Decreased by 34%


NeoStrata and MoreVisibility’s interactive marketing partnership began in 2009. The dermatologist-developed skin care company sought assistance in the management of their PPC initiatives. Key focus areas were:

  •  Higher ROI for Paid Search channel
  •  Increased brand awareness
  •  Ability to stand out against competing brands


  •  Client identified focus product lines and MoreVisibility structured efforts to ensure visibility and appropriate budget allocation
  •  Worked with client to ensure required tracking pixels were implemented on website
  •  Expanded strategies beyond keyword Search
    •  Contextual Display
    •  Remarketing
    •  Product Listing Ads
  •  Ongoing optimization and testing of text ad copy
    •  Identified messaging that lead to higher CTRs and transactions
    •  Identified underperforming ads that did not resonate with audience
  •  Collaborated with client’s design team on best strategy and practices for image creative
  •  Implemented campaign tactics that ensured ads did not display on undesired websites or for irrelevant keyword searches
  •  Delivered value proposition via various ad formats
  •  Whitelisted NeoStrata into exclusive betas offered to MoreVisibility clients


Since implementation of the strategy, their paid search results have seen an increase in order value and decrease in cost per conversion.

Paid Search Results

  •  Average Order Value increased by 16.51%
  •  Cost per Conversion decreased by 34%
  •  Cost per Click decreased by 16%
  •  Budgets increased by 6% while:
    •  Conversions increased by 61%
    •  Revenue increased by 45.72%
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