Nevada Commission on Tourism – Exceeded The Goal of 20,000 Non-paid Visitors per-month


  • Non-Paid Visit Increased
  • Website Traffic Increased by 75%


The mission of the Nevada Commission on Tourism is to generate tourism revenue for the State of Nevada. As the tourism agency for the entire state, Travel Nevada is tasked with showcasing destinations within the state to a world that primarily knows them for Las Vegas and Reno-Lake Tahoe. Nevada Commission on Tourism contracted with MoreVisibility for SEO consultation and implementation. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following objectives:

  •  Expand the breadth of keywords and pages driving natural traffic
  •  Seamless re-launch of new website
  •  Meet the goal of 20,000 non-paid visitors per month


  •  MoreVisibility SEO Engineers identified critical “red flag” items when performing an extensive Website Optimization Review for A prioritized task list was provided to Nevada, and a dedicated SEO Engineer worked alongside to implement it.
  •  MoreVisibility SEO Engineers conducted keyword research, utilizing a number of tools to identify search volume trends. Analysis of website content and Google Analytics (plus Omniture) data guided MoreVisibility’s keyword optimization strategy. Gaps between search volume and site content were identified and additional content / page development was recommended. MoreVisibility’s Client Strategy Team helped solidify the new taxonomy (navigation structure) that would be implemented with the website re-launch.
  •  MoreVisibility assigned a dedicated SEO Copywriter to Nevada’s Account Management Team in order to provide a series of optimized Page Titles and Descriptions for the most critical pages of the website. Keyword Research was leveraged to determine the optimal keyword to target on each page.

Results: was re-launched in July 2008. In December 2008, non-paid search traffic was generated by approximately 14,000 different keywords, compared with about 4,000 keywords just prior to re-launch in July 2008. Pre-launch, the website contained 224 indexable pages; post-launch we had 1,019 indexable pages. In December 2007, natural search generated 9,049 visits. After implementing MoreVisibility’s SEO recommendations, the number of non-paid visits has skyrocketed. The aggressive goal of 20,000 non-paid visits per month was surpassed in December 2008, with 28,807 non-paid visits. Within just a few months of the launch, Website traffic increased by nearly 75 percent and exceeded projected conversion goals.

“MoreVisibility is a company that teaches as it leads. They hit the ground running and taught us the whys and hows of SEO; we didn’t have to try to figure it out on our own. We went directly to the experts and saved a lot of time and money in the process.”

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