Nevada Commission on Tourism – Increased the Volume of Traffic to Their Mobile Websites


  • Website Visits Increased by 62%
  • Targeted Mobile Ads Generated 38% of Visits


The mission of the Nevada Commission on Tourism is to generate tourism revenue for the State of Nevada. As the tourism agency for the entire state, Travel Nevada is tasked with showcasing destinations within the state to a world that primarily knows them for Las Vegas and Reno-Lake Tahoe. Nevada Commission on Tourism contracted with MoreVisibility to manage their Paid Placement Programs as part of a comprehensive website marketing and optimization program. MoreVisibility was tasked with the following objectives:

  •  Identify viable channels for driving traffic to Nevada’s newly launched mobile websites
  •  Develop and implement a strategy for reaching mobile internet browsers with a potential interest in visiting Nevada
  •  Increase overall traffic to mobile websites
  •  Track and report on performance of mobile traffic versus its “desktop” equivalent


  •  MoreVisibility’s Campaign Management and Analytics teams reviewed historical data for referring traffic sources to the website. Popular content areas were identified (i.e. weather, maps, travel conditions).
  •  Keyword themed search and content campaigns were launched via Google AdWords; targeted to mobile browsers only. Campaign themes were restricted to topics that have historically generated high quality website visitors.
  •  MoreVisibility’s Campaign Management Team negotiated a dedicated media buy with The Weather Channel to target users viewing Nevada content. A focus on Ski enthusiasts was added to the mix in order to get concentrated visibility for The campaigns were set up to target both the desktop and mobile versions of


Nevada Commission on Tourism saw a significant increase in the volume of traffic coming to their mobile websites. Visitors increased 62% over the prior month, with the addition of Keyword themed search and content campaigns targeted to mobile browsers. Landing Pages in use across all campaigns were also promoting Nevada’s new mobile websites.

Analysis of mobile versus desktop traffic showed the overwhelming percentage of impressions were desktop users. However, click through volume for the overall campaign was much higher by mobile users.

Of the overall click volume, targeted ads to (mobile) Ski Enthusiasts generated 38% of the total. Excluding Ski Enthusiasts (with a CTR of 2.13%) Mobile campaigns yielded an average CTR of .38% while desktop saw an average CTR of .024%.

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