Manhattan Cabinetry - Client Success Spotlight


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    Improvement Using Highly Targeted Keywords
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    Drive Qualified Traffic to Site

Client Spotlight

Speaking with Aaron Deetz - Imaging Manager

Manhattan Cabinetry is a family business. It began life in 1976 as a tiny unfinished furniture shop in Manhattan with only three employees. Today it has several showrooms in Manhattan and a 42,000 square foot factory in Long Island City, NY, with 50 employees. Our focus has always been on quality and service.

Prior to partnering with MoreVisibility, we managed all of our own Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Initially we had somewhat of a shotgun approach to our SEM strategy. We tossed various ideas out there and basically tried a little bit of everything. Ultimately we ended up spending a lot of money on our efforts, with little ROI.


About four years ago, we teamed up with MoreVisibility which has helped us drive qualified traffic to our site. The most significant improvement we’ve experienced is the use of highly targeted keywords. We are now able to more effectively target our demographics. We’ve also been pleased with our ability to manage both our natural search and paid search campaigns at once rather than trying to manage each one individually. This has helped us manage our campaigns much more efficiently.

It’s an added bonus when we see our keywords return on both natural and organic search results at the same time. It makes us happy when our customers tell us we’re everywhere on the web or they can’t go anywhere on the web without seeing our company listed. MoreVisibility has helped us achieve our SEM and SEO goals and we look forward to our continued success.

Aaron Deetzm, Imaging Manager


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