Non-Profit Improves CTR, Bounce Rate, and Donations with Google Optimize


  • +95% Probability That the Test Variations Would Beat the Baseline by up to 125%
  • 67% Probability That Test Variation 1 Would Improve Conversions and Donations
  • “Donate” Mobile CTA Deployed


The Lord’s Place is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness by providing innovative, compassionate and effective services to men, women and children. The Lord’s Place offers comprehensive services designed to end homelessness. For close to 40 years, the organization has been changing the lives of families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

The Problem / Challenge

Although mobile was the primary traffic type, it had the lowest conversion rate of all device types. MoreVisibility sought to assist The Lord’s Place on better capitalizing on this traffic.

The Solution

By making the “Donate” button available on every page of the site for mobile users, site visitors are always one click away from making a donation. MoreVisibility deployed an A|B test to mobile users to present a global donation call to action (CTA) across the site on the bottom of the screen (with the exception of the Donation page).

The Results

After running the AB test for 3 months, the test showed a +95% probability that the test variations would beat the baseline by up to 125%. Variation 2 of the CTA button showed a 59% probability that “Help Break The Cycle” would improve the bounce rate by 27%.

Variation 1 of the CTA button showed a 67% probability that “Donate” was the best for improving conversions and donations.

Based on the results from the test, MoreVisibility and The Lord’s place deployed the “Donate” mobile CTA to the live site since it demonstrated the best improvement to click-through rate, bounce rate, and conversions.

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