– Utilized Remarketing Strategy to Increase Site Membership


  • 90% Decrease in Cost per Conversion


Through the collaboration of MoreVisibility, was looking to increase their brand loyalty and capture new registrants to their site. MoreVisibility advocated a new media of Display Advertising that is designed to retarget any website visitor who didn’t login or register to on their initial website visit.


MoreVisibility recommended the utilization of Google Remarketing solution to that would allow them to show ads to users who’ve previously visited their website as they browsed the web. This would engage and entice users to revisit the site to login or create a new account.


The remarketing efforts resulted in a higher increase of conversions consisting of 388 people to re-login to and 69 new registrants that joined the site. We significantly reduced the total overall cost per conversion by 90 percent for returning visitors which consisted of $2.42 per conversion and new registrants were only $3.28 per conversion respectively.

“I am extremely pleased with the results of MoreVisibility’s remarketing campaign”

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