Online Jewelry Retailer - Obtained More Qualified Paid Search Traffic


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    Increase of Quality Traffic, Resulting in Increased Sales


An online jewelry retailer, worked with their Client Strategist and Campaign Manager to refresh the keyword match types in each of the engines with the hope of bringing in more qualified traffic. This was done with the overall goal to achieve more sales during their peak selling season.


  • MoreVisibility’s Campaign Manager identified general and erroneous keyword traffic by running a search query report in each of the engines in which the client was running traffic.
  • This keyword list was approved by the client. Subsequently, the Campaign Manager changed keyword match types from ‘broad’ to ‘phrase’ and/or ‘exact’, so that the client’s ads would only appear exactly as the searcher typed them into the search bar.
  • Traffic was monitored on a daily basis to make sure that the changes were not affecting the client’s search engine visibility during the busy selling season.


MoreVisibility successfully accomplished their goal of bringing in more quality traffic to the site and increasing the month’s sales; not only over the month before but bringing them the best sales month they have had in over a year.

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