Optimized Blog Drives Traffic and Thought Leadership


  • Organic Traffic Increased by 94%
  • Accounts for 55% of All Organic Sessions

The Company’s Objectives

A B2B service provider, with a longstanding reputation for unparalleled service, wanted to expand its reach beyond its local service area.

The Solution

In order to access a wider audience, MoreVisibility developed a comprehensive SEO strategy for the client including, improved keyword targeting, optimized website architecture and design, technical and coding changes, and emphasis on content production. To increase organic presence and provide thought-leadership in particular, MoreVisibility’s team opted for a multi-faceted approach on developing and writing an onsite blog.

MoreVisibility‘s blog management includes frequent posting of leading information and knowledge specific to the client’s core audience.   The blog is a great opportunity to provide fresh content for the website and create pages people want to link to.  MoreVisibility uses its expertise and experience in blog management to handle the blog’s underlying strategy, design & development, writing, publishing, and promotion.


Since implementation, the blog has proven to be a performance driver and major source of incoming web traffic. MoreVisibility’s team has been able to produce effective blog posts by conducting keyword research and planning for the long-term.

Since implementation, the blog:

  •  Contributes to 94% Increase In Organic Traffic
  •  Accounts for 55% of All Organic Sessions
  •  Accounts for 30% of All Website Page Views
  •  Contributes to Longer Session Duration


Through MoreVisibility’s strategic research and implementation, this client has been able to demonstrate their expertise and credibility to their audience.  With just under 100,000 page views, the onsite blog is the second-highest source of pageviews for the entire site. The service provider’s reputation within the industry and their performance in organic search results, has never been so strong and will continue growing over time.

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