Organic Traffic ROI Soars 1,525% with MoreVisibility and Conductor Searchlight


  • Online Store Revenue Grew 193%
  • Pages Delivering Organic Transactions Grew 217%
  • Online Store ROI* Grew 1,525%


One of the world’s most renowned museums has been a MoreVisibility client for over 14 years. The museum’s online store showcases and sells scholarly publications, printed pictures, and three-dimensional reproductions of art objects in their collection. The museum strives to preserve their collection while promoting appreciation and advancing education in the arts with the highest level of quality. The online store helps the museum achieve its long-standing mission of making its collections of art known, understood, and appreciated by diverse audiences.


  •  To find the right audience for its unique products
  •  To overcome stiff competition from massive online retailers like Amazon or Nordstrom
  •  Increasing product sales and overall ROI for over seven specific product categories.

“The goal was not just to get a specific selection of the online store’s pages in front of more people. It was to get them in front of the right people. We wanted to increase the visibility of the store to help spread the museum’s collections to a wider, relevant audience and introduce more people to their incredible work.”

 Matt Crowley, Manager of Optimized Services, MoreVisibility


Prior to the efforts detailed below, many of the museum’s online store category and sub-category pages were not being found through organic search. The selected pages were only visited by users who were already on the site, or when they were actively promoted on social media or through email marketing; the 18+ pages lacked a source of steady, converting organic traffic.

MoreVisibility concentrated their efforts on these pages, using Searchlight’s Opportunities Tab to identify and suggest updates for underperforming pages, and Searchlight’s Business Case Builder to prioritize their efforts and focus on areas of the site that would yield the highest possible ROI.


After five months of using Conductor Searchlight to optimize specific category and sub-category pages on the online store, these pages showed astronomical gains in both organic visibility and revenue. Not only has the ROI on these pages increased 15x over from the previous year, all of these pages are now converting Organic traffic into revenue.


Year-over-year growth for the optimized categories of the museum’s online store:

  •  +193% Revenue
  •  +1,525% ROI*
  •  +68% Sessions
  •  +139% Transactions
  •  +217% in Pages Delivering Organic Transactions

*ROI was calculated by subtracting costs and services from organic revenue.


“Most of the pages that were included in this project didn’t have any Organic transactions for the entire year prior to bringing on Searchlight. Now, every single page in these categories are driving revenue for The Met Store.”

 Kayla Kuruc, Manager of Strategic Accounts, MoreVisibility

Key Takeaways:

  •  SEO Is Never “Done” – Organic Opportunities Are Always Around You
  •  Even 14 years into their partnership, MoreVisibility was still able to help the museum store generate massive spikes in Organic traffic and revenue.
  •  Great returns from a focus on Web Presence Management and SEO don’t just happen to brands overnight. A concerted effort on research and optimization in conjunction with a powerful tool like Conductor Searchlight can mean exponential gains, no matter how advanced your digital marketing strategy is.

“You’re never done with SEO. The museum has been working with MoreVisibility for 14 years, and we’ve never run out of ways to find great returns on Organic efforts. There are always new opportunities to explore, especially when you bring on a powerful platform like Searchlight.”

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