Multi-Unit Retailer - Lowered Cost Per Conversion and Increased Total Conversions


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    Conversion Rate Increased by 19%
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    Decreased Ad Spent by 28%

The Goals/Challenges

The client, a regional car care center with 30+ locations contracted MoreVisibility in March of 2011 to take over their existing PPC program.  The specific goals of the program included:

  • increasing conversions
  • lowering the ad spend
  • delivering more qualified leads

This account was particularly complex, as each retail location had specific local requirements which necessitated the creation of micro-targeted ad campaigns to satisfy these unique needs.

The additional challenge was to determine the proper on-site user actions and events to track as relevant goals.  There were a number of actions being counted as conversions that were skewing the true performance of the site, and the effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

The Solutions

Extensive and immediate existing campaign research and evaluation was conducted to determine areas for modification, including keyword and ad copy performance.  Keywords were refined and new, robust ad copy was created and tested, and ad dollars were reallocated to those that showed the greatest performance. This real-time, ongoing campaign optimization was a critical part of delivering significant results so quickly.

Additionally, the onsite actions to be counted as conversions for the PPC program were modified to only include activities that were true lead generation and therefore provide more relevant sales data.


Within the first 6 months of MoreVisibility assuming campaign management, ad spend decreased by 28%, conversion rate increased from 11% to 19% and the cost per conversion dropped by nearly 66%.

  Clicks Conversions Conversion Rate CPConversion
Dec 2010 5,728 554 10% $ 26.71
Jan 2011 6,056 645 11% $ 19.16
March 2011 10,348 1,179 11% $ 11.43
April 2011 10,227 1,321 13% $ 8.38
May 2011 11,796 1,663 14% $ 8.57
June 2011 10,566 1,598 15% $ 8.07
July 2011 10,400 1,562 15% $ 6.86
August 2011 11,479 1,818 16% $ 6.16
September 2011 11,957 2,275 19% $ 4.60


The success of this campaign is a direct result of the expertise and dedication by MoreVisibility to ensure that the defined needs of the client were achieved.  A strategy was swiftly crafted and the appropriate tactics were put into place and monitored vigilantly to immediately show performance improvement.

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