Paid Search Drives Big Results for New Virtual Offering


  • 37% Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 68% Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • 86% Lower Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The Challenge:  Quickly Pivot from an In-Person Model to a Virtual One

Given the need for social distancing, many in-person sales training programs were cancelled in the Spring of 2020 and Richardson needed to rapidly pivot to create and market virtual sales training options.  Richardson Sales Performance quickly recognized the need to educate the market about their virtual delivery options so they adjusted their focus to highlight the availability of a service that they might not have known existed. MoreVisibility was challenged with helping educate searchers about this new virtual delivery option, driving traffic and most importantly driving qualified leads for Richardson’s sales team.

The Solution:  Integrated Use of Paid Search & Organic Search to Launch a New Campaign

We built a new paid search campaign to target users searching for online and virtual sales training options, specifically. Ad copy was tailored to speak to the challenges of training during social distancing. These copy points were also incorporated throughout evergreen campaigns to help educate searchers about the virtual offerings that Richardson launched.

In addition to leveraging Google Analytics data, we implemented dynamic call tracking to ensure accurate attribution of phone calls that happened after users entered from one of our paid search ads.

We also assisted with keyword and competitive research in order to identify the optimal keywords to target on the newly created page as well as recommended opportunities to revise existing content to speak to the Virtual option.

The Results

When comparing virtual-themed campaigns to other non-brand campaigns we saw the following over a 3-week period:

  • 37% higher Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 68% lower Cost per Click (CPC)
  • 86% lower Cost per Lead (CPL)

The heightened CTR is reflective of ad copy that not only incorporates a user’s search term but also speaks to the current environment. Compared to our other non-brand efforts, the new virtual-themed campaigns saw a much more efficient CPC which has allowed us to see top of page placement for a fraction of the click cost. The new campaigns have generated high quality leads in the form of phone calls as well as website form completions.

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