PoliSeek – Launched Blog Using SEO Best Practices


  • Launch of Client Blog Received Positive Reviews
  • Improved Organic Results

Speaking with:
Kimberly Riddle, Marketing Manager
Sheilin Herrick, Marketing Manager

As a national independent insurance agency with the backing of a global insurance leader, PoliSeek has strong relationships with more of the top companies in the insurance industry than most local insurance companies. PoliSeek will consolidate all of your personal insurance needs with one agent and offers quotes online.

Poliseek’s stellar service is derived from the company’s flagship brand AIS, www.AISinsurance.com, a California Insurance broker. PoliSeek and AIS are subsidiaries of Aon Corporation, the world’s largest provider of commercial insurance brokerage services.

When we came to MoreVisibility we were expecting them to be a shoulder we could lean on, in addition to our Search Engine Optimization advice-center. During the course of our partnership, the team at MoreVisibility has been both of these and much, much more. Even better for us has been the wealth of education our team has gleamed during the past year, which encompasses SEO, web design, technology and beyond.


One surprising result, received very positively internally at the company and externally with consumers is the Poliseek Blog that we recently added to the site. MoreVisibility was instrumental in its development and launch and continues to be proactive with consultation and advice relative to its success. The enhanced amount of education consumers can now get from our website was not something we expected, but are glad to be providing.

In addition to the blog, MoreVisibility has allowed for a streamlined way to outsource much of the needed work to our websites, in a manner where our team can still be involved, yet not taxing the internal resources we have. This has been very effective for us in strides towards improved organic results, as well as enhancements to the user experience.

Part of our challenge as a large company with multiple divisions was how to effectively leverage each brand individually, without any cannibalization amongst the websites. MoreVisibility was very mindful of branding when making recommendations for changes to our sites; whether it was taking a geo-targeted approach or learning more about our overall corporate strategy.

We have been very pleased with our partnership with MoreVisibility and look forward to our continued success through new initiatives with them in the future.

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