Portable Event Furniture Company - Increased Organic Positions For Their Targeted Keywords


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    Overall Website Visits Increased by 13%
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    Marketing Costs Decreased By 40%


A leading supplier of portable event furniture partnered with MoreVisibility in early 2008. Prior to engaging with MoreVisibility, the company relied heavily on pay-per-click marketing initiatives. Understanding the value of organic search, the client’s goal was to increase the number of qualified visitors to their website via the organic search results, while reducing marketing costs accrued through pay-per-click advertising.


As part of a customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program, MoreVisibility appointed an experienced SEO Copywriter to conduct keyword research and content optimization for pages on the website. Determining optimal keywords was achieved through utilizing tools and expert knowledge to identify keyword search volumes and competitiveness. These keywords were then matched to specific pages of the website to maximize targeted and qualified traffic.

SEO Engineers reviewed the website to identify areas that needed improvements to increase the website’s positioning within the search engine results pages. An optimization strategy was developed as part of the SEO Engineer’s report and MoreVisibility consulted with the client as these recommended changes were implemented.

Throughout the course of the program, a comprehensive analytics package including keyword positioning and Google Analytics was utilized to track the progress of the website following the implementation of MoreVisibility’s recommendations.


The client has experienced an increase in their organic positions within Google and Yahoo for nearly all of their targeted keywords, some of which included the keywords “Banquet Chairs”, “Folding Chairs” and “Folding Tables”. In addition to the increased positioning within the search results, overall visits to the website increased 13%, and they were able to cut marketing costs by nearly 40%!

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